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Sunday April 30th 2017



How To Get Rich Quick

People around the word are eager to know how to get rich quick. From our childhood, some people learn that money is important in almost everything in life. Though this is not entirely true; it is nice to be wealthy!

Here are some tips that tell you how you can get rich quick.

Be clear with your goals

Have you noticed what you usually dream off?  What are those things you hope to achieve or accomplish?  If you wish to make money the foremost thing needed is a strong motivational factor.  Say you’re planning to put your younger sister in college education, or may be you’re planning to buy a home.  You need to have a goal and motiviation

There are times when we get tired of working and living under tight budgets. Whatever the situation is; you should jot down the things you really want, this will give you the motivation you need.

Ways to Become Rich

Ways to Become Rich

Chalk out your plan

A minister I know was very good in actively raising funds for his church.  I was chatting to him one day about business and life in general; This is how he described his success secrets

“I plan my work and I work my plan!” To get to any target, you need a good plan; and building wealth fast is no exception to that.

Businesses have become so dynamic these days that virtually anything is possible. Say, you’re planning to build a website for selling widgets, or something like that…well in today’s modern world, this is definitely possible.

Okay, you do not own a computer right now or there’s no electricity in your neighborhood. You can still find your way out!  Just get to the nearest public library and educate yourself on website building and design. You can use the library’s computers to design your own website for free!  With the tools online, website design is no longer for graduates.  It is quite possible for everyday normal people with no background in I.T. to build a fully functioning website.

Be desperate!

We usually get what we want badly! If you go to New York or Hollywood, you’ll see there are a lot of people wondering on sidewalks just to get their break in television commercials or movies.  There are many people that have made it big in Hollywood with little talent.  What they do have is determination and the drive to suceed. When you truly want something in your heart, you have a high chance of getting it!

And finally, you should be an optimist. Don’t turn your back on some idea just because John or David didn’t succeed with it. Look deeper into, even what some people perceive as “bad” ideas.

If you have your mind open to innovative ideas; you never know when you can get the opening of your life!

When people are ask about how to get rich quick, they should know it takes some luck, hard work, creativity and dedication.

Good Luck

Shannon Michael

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