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Sunday April 30th 2017



Derren Brown Lottery

SO you want to become rich?  Well, winning the lottery is the ultimate way to become rich.  Did anyone see Derren Brown’s explanation of how he appeared to predict the National Lottery in the UK?  His fans watched on Channel 4 on Friday, 11 September and saw the illusionist apparently predict all 6 lottery numbers.

The opening episode of his new four-part series, Derren Brown: The Events, averaged 4.4 million viewers and discussion is still ongoing as to how he did it.  He wrote down his predictions on a line of balls and kept them in the shot of the camera while the draw took place.  He then revealed them one by one; much to the astonishment of the channel four viewers

He described how he had predicted the lottery numbers by “putting our heads together”. He claimed he had a panel of people who wrote down their predictions after carefully studying numbers that had been drawn the previous year.

He then added up all the predictions then divided the numbers by twenty four to come up with an average guess. The team continuously practiced the method. The first time they tried to predict the numbers, they only managed to predict one number but by the time of the draw on Wednesday night, they managed to get all six numbers correct.

Most viewers believe that Derren Brown made the numbers appear on the lottery balls after the draw was made. There was at least a thirty second break between the last number being announced and Brown showing his prediction.  But how did he do it?  Only Derren Brown will know for sure.

The answer to the Derren Brown lottery draw may be to do with the 2nd camera which you only saw once. When the draw was being made he stood with his hand over his mouth and didn’t move. Brown could have well been speaking to someone telling them the balls. A split screen was no doubt used until Derren eventually moves towards the balls and reveals he has all of the winning numbers.

Winning the lottery is the ultimate way of becoming rich but believe me guys, there’s no way to genuinely predict it even if you are Derren Brown.  Never the less, magic intrigues us all and even if you’re filled with cynicism; there’s a small part of us that believes that magic can happen.

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