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Sunday April 30th 2017



The Millionaires of the United Kingdom

Few people are born rich, the rest of us have to work hard for our money.

That doesn’t stop people from making billions from what they are good at. They take a talent of theirs and use it to the best of their ability to make money. Take a look at some people who have made money by doing what they are good at.

David Beckham is possibly the best example of how hard work and talent will make you successful. From an early age he made the most of his football skills. He is one of the top paid sportsmen on earth and the world’s wealthiest footballer.david beckham rich

Linda Bennett has made a tone of money from making clothes. She opened her first shop in Wimbledon in 1990 – using her savings and a loan of £15,000. Since then LK Bennett has become massive UK chain store with close to 100 stores. As I write this, she is worth approximately £150 million.

So can you really make money with looks alone? For Katie Price, the answer is…YES

After her initial success she built on that and ensured she remained in the public eye through reality TV. Price now has nine books that have been published as well as lingerie, jewellery, hair care and perfume ranges. She is rumoured to be worth around £30 million.

Buying something cheap and selling it on for more is something most of us are capable of, but you don’t often make billions from it.

Joe Lewis has. Brought up in Bow, Lewis’s £2.8 billion fortune mostly comes from making billions by betting on foreign currencies. His company, Tavistock Group, now owns close to 200 organisations across numerous countries.
You don’t need to have qualifications to make it big in the world of business. Alan Sugar left school when he was only 16 and was soon making money. He started out selling goods from the back of his van. He founded Amstrad just after he turned 21 and has not looked back since. Sugar has an estimated fortune of £800 million.

Richard BransonAnother rich list member with little education is Sir Richard Branson. Branson started his first venture at the tender age of 16 opened his first shop when he was 21.

Branson’s Virgin brand is a worldwide household name and it has remained diverse. He uses money that he has made from one venture to back another. Despite some obvious setbacks, Branson has done very well, with an estimated wealth of more than £2 billion

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