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Thursday May 25th 2017



How Much is Simon Cowell Worth

So you want to become rich and successful?  Let’s look at one person who has conquered setbacks and is one of the most recognisable and wealthiest people on TV today.  That person is Simon Cowell.   So how did he get to where he is and how much is Simon Cowell Worth?

Simon Cowell was brought up in Elstree, Hertfordshire.  His parents are Eric and Julie Cowell.  He has a younger brother called Nicholas and three half-brothers; Michael, John, and Tony, and a half-sister called June.

Cowell dropped out of school at the age of fifteen and after a few jobs his father, an executive at recording company EMI, got him a job in the mail room.  Due to his connections, he worked his way up to being a record producer.

He then left the company to set up his own music label called Fanfare.  In 1989, Fanfare’s mother company folded, meaning the company went bankrupt.  At this stage Simon Cowell went deeply into debt and was forced to move back in with his parents.

Simon was not out of work for long and soon BMG offered the position of A&R Consultant. During this time he pioneered some of the biggest selling hits in the industry, including bands such as ‘Five’ and ‘Westlife’.

Neh Neh ...I'm Rich and You're Not!

Neh Neh ...I'm Rich and You're Not!

Following the success of the ‘Popstars’ TV series, Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller joined together to produce a ‘talent’ show where the public decides the winner. This show was called ‘Pop Idol’.

‘Pop Idol’ was an instant success, soon getting over 11 million viewers. Will young was the first ever winner. Young’s debut record ‘Evergreen’/'Anything Is Possible’ broke the record for the biggest selling debut single, reaching over 1.8 million sales.

Simon Cowell is currently raking it in, while most others have watched their worth sink during the current recession. Compared to his contemporaries, Simon’s net worth may not be the biggest but it’s the only one that increased last year. His worth went up approximately 7 percent while most others saw theirs drop.

Simon Cowell’s net worth is said to be over $170 million.

Despite is cut throat TV persona, Simon Cowell’s charitable activities should not be overlooked. Although Cowell may be less well known for his contributions he has spent years donating to charities such as PETA and The Association of Children’s Hospices.

It’s clear that during his life, Simon has got some breaks and some setbacks but there’s no doubting that his success wasn’t handed to him on a plate and he has worked very hard to get where he is today.  Whatever field you want to succeed in you must de dedicated and take action.

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