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Sunday April 30th 2017



John And Edward Xfactor

In the U.K. there is a certain singing competition called X factor.  It has spawned such stars as Will Young and Alexandra Burke but this season has been dominated by an Irish singing sensation called John and Edward.

John and Edwards journey has not been smooth and they have conquered adversity.  Whether you love them or you hate them you can’t deny that they have determination to succeed.  They are an example of limited ability but great desire.  They show you if you have the drive and will to succeed, you can make it!john-and-edward xfactor

John & Edward are said to have suffered bullying during their time at school. In one incident, the twins were tied up in sacks and hung from a window.  According to a UK newspaper, the twins were dangled over a 20-foot drop for over ten minutes.  A classmate said: “The twins could be quite cheeky to the older boarders, who gave them a hard time. But the laundry bags thing was taking it a bit far. Obviously, they were panicking. They were terrified.”

He commented: “The abuse the twins suffered is horrific. But they’re sending out the right message. They say, ‘No, I’m better than you, you’re not going to stop me fulfilling my potential’.”

It has recently emerged that Danni Minogue has threatened to leave the show if the twins knock out her act, Stacey Solomon.  The Aussie singer was very annoyed after last week which saw John and Edward being chosen over Lucie Jones by head honcho Simon Cowell.  Danni was said to have been very annoyed with Simon for getting rid of talented teenager Lucie over the Irish Duo.

An insider revealed: “Danni is fuming and just disillusioned at the whole show.”She thinks the Grimes are nice kids, but that they don’t deserve to take a place in the remaining acts on the show. “She was devastated to lose Lucie last week, and she couldn’t take it if remaining act Stacey also got the boot and the Grimes stayed in.

Danni has since confessed she has put the blame firmly on Simon cowells shoulders for the outcome

The twins sang the Queen song “Under Pressure” on Saturdays show.  The choice was a last-minute song change for the show’s Queen-themed Show.  The Irish Duo dropped their initial song, Radio Gaga after feeling it wasn’t working properly.  A set insider revealed: “It’s a bigger song and they will be rapping in the middle of it so it will suit them better. We also thought it was a particularly appropriate title for the twins.”x factor judges

Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor preformed in Sunday night’s performance in which the remaining contestants mime a popular song.

If you are looking for an example of people who can make money and become rich with little talent; then john and Edward are a prime example.  If you want something hard enough then you can achieve it.  There is no doubt that John and Edward won’t become international recording artists but who would bet against them becoming successful TV personalities?  No matter what you think of them you have got to give them credit for their determination.

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