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Sunday April 30th 2017



Twitter Makes Money

The 21st century has seen a growth of many social networking sites and also micro-blogging sites. One site that stands in that huge crowd is definitely Twitter. A social networking site where you can meet people , make friends and send messages to your friends in just 140 words .  Though 140 words is small figure many, have earned wealth even with this small amount of words. Let us have a peek how.

Twitter allows a user to send messages by two clear ways.

One by sending messages to all users called as tweets and the other way is by sending messages only to the person in question called as Direct message. To start earning income one need to understand that the one needs to build one’s tweeter account slowly and steadily as a reliable account and not just a selling account .Tweet about information , help friends , make friends and then when you have a circle of trust worth people around you one can then start looking for some income .

4 Tips to earn money on Twitter:

1] Sell your Product: This is the best way that one can earn money just by advertising a product on twitter. It may be a blog or website or even an e-book, twitter makes moneywhy not try tweeting about it. One may be surprised how many people would visit the website or blog or even buy a product.

2] Sell your Expertise:  Expert at some subject? Can guide others in that subject?  Then why wait!! Start advising others and consulting others in the field that you are expert in. Selling one’s expertise and advertising it on twitter is one of the best ways that you can make some income from twitter.

3] Affiliate marketing: Well the most amount of money you can really make is simple by selling twitter products itself.  Affiliate marketing of such products has really madetons of money for many people.  You can get such products for 50 to 100 $ and then with affiliate marketing make around 2000 -3000$ easily. Here are some of the examples of twitter products:

Humming Bird

4] Advertising on twitter: Third party advertising is a new trend in the market these days. Add the tweeter account and then decide the amount that you want for tweeting ads. One may even keep on auto tweeting or just do it manually. Assured income from such tweets range from 1$ to 10$ per tweets allowed.  Sponsored Tweets is one such site that tweets ads on your twitter account.

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