The Internets Guide to Making Money and Suceeding
Thursday May 25th 2017



How to make money through the internet

Hi, we all want money I suppose? Well if you were thinking and looking for a method on how to make money on internet look no further! Here are some of the methods that I personally use and they are working for me!

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is probably one of the simpliest and fastest ways to make money on the Internet. The only thing you need is a computer and a reasonably solid English vocabulary. Don’t worry no need to have professional writing skills. Most of the content you would be writing is promotional articles for products that will are sold over the internet. Most of these articles are written at 8 grade level, in order for them to be easily understood by anyone visiting the web site. Another great tip, you may search articles and rewrite them and then submit. Please do not plagiarise people’s work.
Here are some of the sites I recommend that you start with:

Associated Content- (
Ezine articles (
TextBroker (

eBay Dropshipping

Dropshipping is simply putting an item on eBay that you are buying from somewhere else at a lower price. Once your item is sold, you buy the item from the dropshipper and have them deliver it directly to the buyer. You get to keep the difference as profit and never have to handle merchandise yourself. This can be done with almost anything online aswell. From Steam accounts to software. Just find the right buyer and seller. This is a nice method believe me! On first look it looks kinda hard but it isn’t :)


So we have all heard of prizerebel etc. but which ones are really going to pay you, and give you the most out of your time? Here is a list of sites I would recommend, but first let me explain how GPT sites work.

GPT sites basically give you advirtisements/offers to complete which they pay you for. They make money by the site paying them for recruiting people to do there offers. There are many different types of offers including Free, CC Required, Payment Required, and Regional Only (e.g. US only). The countries that usually work best with GTP sites are USA, Canada and UK…

Here are some good sites:
PrizeRebel ( Offers
NeoBux ( PTC/Instant Payment
Scour ( Search Engine (Paid to search)

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