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Thursday May 25th 2017



How not to spend money

There are many methods to saving money. When using most of the methods to save money you will find that the best way to save money is to have the money as far as possible away from you. In other words not having the money in your possession, or having an easy access to your money. Another thing to keep in mind, if you are currently saving money, not to let the idea that you have money let you take control of a credit card and let the credit card supplement your spending.

how to save money today

If you want to save money you have to do it all around. Not save from one end and spend on the other. The best way to save money is having cash money. Open up a safety deposit box in a bank. Make sure the bank is a far away drive from your city so it is not easy to access. If it is easy to access you are a lot more liable to get tempted to go take money out. Make a trip once a week and deposit your money in your safety deposit box. You will love seeing all the cash stack up in there.

Another distant method of saving money and not keeping it close to you is investing in stocks. Choose stocks that are stable and higher priced. Choose stocks that do not fluctuate in price very much. Invest your money through an online stock investment firm and only deposit. Another good way to save money is to open up a bank account outside of your country. Wire transfer the money in your foreign bank account once every two weeks, or once a month. Having a foreign account will stabilize your mind, to realize the purpose of having the account is to save money.

Buying a reloadable pre paid visa card is another good way of saving money if you are employed. Send the card to a trusted family member such as your father or mother that may be living in another city from you. Set up your direct deposit with your employment to deposit a certain amount of your pay check into the pre paid visa card. These cards are all similar to checking accounts and have routing numbers and account numbers for easy direct deposit setup. Having one of your family members that lives in another city, in possession of your card will help you save the money deposited in there.

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