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Sunday April 30th 2017



How to save money in the home

Tight on cash? With times like these, it’s understandable why. That being said, here are some ways to save money around the home.
Use nature to heat or cool the home. In the winter time, keep the blinds open and let the sun shine in — this will naturally provide you with heat. Then in the summer time, close the curtains wherever the sun peaks in.

When it comes to water, it doesn’t take much to save money. For instance, use the dish washer only when there is a full load. If there isn’t a full load, just wash the other dishes by hand.
Install the new type of fluorescent bulbs in lights you leave on for long periods. They provide four times as much light and last ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. Potential Money Savings: $10-$50/yr.

Lower the temperature on your hot water heater to between 110 and 120 degrees. It’s not necessary to have it any hotter and it wastes energy. Potential Money Savings: $20-40/yr.

Turn your heat down at night or when you’re not home (unless you have a heat pump, which operates more efficiently at one consistent setting). Each extra degree in winter can increase heating costs by 3%. In summer, each degree can raise cooling costs by 6%. Potential Money Savings: $how to save money325 to $500/yr.

Cut back on the use of your clothes dryer. Not only is it a big energy drain, it can also suck heated air out of your house very quickly in winter. Hang clothes on a clothes rack to dry and use the dryer for towels and other heavy items. Potential Money Savings: $25-50/yr.

Use your microwave instead of your oven whenever possible and save up to 50% in energy costs for cooking. Potential Savings: $50/yr.

If you follow all this advice, it will not make you rich overnight, but it may free up the extra money you need to start your own business.  These are just a few ways you can save money in the home.  There are many more depending on your current circumstances

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