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Thursday May 25th 2017



Best paying jobs

Today we are going to look at some of the top paying jobs available today.  Some jobs require extensive qualifications and some require inbuilt skills.  You may have found thisweb-page searching for a better career and hopefully after reading this article you will discover the opportunities available to you.

Number 1 on the list is Surgeons:

If you can treat injuries, diseases and deformities by using instruments and appliances you may have what it takes to be a surgeon. The Annual Salary stands at: $181,500become a doctor

Number 2 – Gynecologists

To do this job you must be able to diagnose and help prevent diseases of women.  The main focus is the reproductive system and the childbirth process.  If you become a gynecologist you can expect to earnapproximately $174,500

Number 3 – Prosthodontists

If you can construct oral prostheses to replace teeth and other oral structures you can expect to earn an Annual Salary of $156,710

Number 4 – Chief Executives

Being a Chief Executive you must formulate policies and provide direction of companies or perhaps private and public sector organizations within the guidelines that are set up by a board of directors.  You will earn about $140,880 in this role.

Number 5 – Airline Pilots

In this job you will pilot and navigate the flight of a multi-engine aircraft.  Flying from city to city, around the world can be trying but you will get a salary of around $134,090 for your troubles.

Number 5 – Astronomers

Do you want to reach to the sky?  What not become an astronomer?  For $97,000 you must observe, research and interpret astronomical phenomena.

There are loads of other jobs out there.  It doesn’t matter if you are a bartender, customer service agent or a doctor.  You must try and be the best that you can be in whatever role you choose.  Whilst the glamour of being a pilot may appeal to some; as long as you give your all in your job,that’s all that matters.

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