The Internets Guide to Making Money and Suceeding
Sunday April 30th 2017



Preparing for retirement

Having a comfortable retirement is a dream for many people.  If you want a load of money in your bank account by the time you hit 50 you will have to put in some serious work. While succeeding is never a certainty, I have listed a few ways you can make and save money.

You MUST have a plan. Money will not fall from trees. Planning is what separates everyday people from top athletes, business gurus and everyday people who have achieved phenomenal goals.  You must lay out a clear plan and stick to it.  Please remember than there will be setbacks along the way but if you keep working towards your goal you WILL eventually succeed.retirement money

You must start to get into the habit of saving money.  If you don’t save, you’ll never be likely to reach your goal.  Many people never take the first step to save.  No matter if its a few dollars or a few thousand dollars you should put money away every month.

Its important to only spend what you can afford.  Expenses such as Vacations, new cars and all of the other expenses can take a big chunk out of your wages. To maximize the amount you can save, you need to minimize the amount you spend. Don’t use credit cards to live a lifestyle you cant afford.  Credit card spending will only get you so far and will catch up on you sooner or later.

Beware of the “Get-rich-quickly” schemes that are always floating about the Internet.  Whilst there are some legitimate opportunities out there you must make sure to do your research.

So what do you do now.  List your strengths and weaknesses.  What can you offer people?  What are you good at?  Don’t be negative guys.  Everyone is good at something and you have to put a twist on your talent in order to make money from it.

Plan your goals step by step and follow them.  Its a fact that 99% of people who read this will take little or no action.  To the 1% that do have some follow-through.  Congratulations.  You are on your way to a comfortable retirement.

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