The Internets Guide to Making Money and Suceeding
Sunday April 30th 2017



Fast Online Money

Its a fact that 99% of people who start out trying to make money online will fail.  Why you ask??  Because they don’t sit down and set out a clear plan with achievable goals.

The 3 most popular ways to make money online are

1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a good way to start if you don’t have much experience. Almost anyone can sign-up and  you will start to see commissions if someone purchases to goods or the programs you are promoting. There is little investment needed and little risk, as affiliate marketers do not pay for the creation of the product, they do not handle complaints etc etc. It’s also possible to be an affiliate even without a website.make money online

Some affiliate programs require a small up-front investment. Some, however are free. It’s no surprise that almost everyone online is in an affiliate program. That’s why we see why we see all the adds and banners on most of the websites we visit.

2) Making an eBook/information product or CD.

This next way of making money is lucrative but you will have to put in a lot of up front effort.  There are tons of possibilities for the type of product that you can make. If you know about something, write it down, then make money from it. It could be a course on Dog Training, how to start your own childcare business, how to lose belly fat … THE TOPICS ARE ENDLESS!  If you don’t have the time to write the product yourself, you can get a ghost writer or hire someone to do the work for you.

EBook authors need to invest a lot of time and some money. Affiliates tend to get something for nothing but EBook authors need to learn a lot more than affiliates. They need to spend  money starting the business. However, when it is done correctly, the returns can be great.

The great thing is, once the product is created, it doesn‘t cost anything to make more copies. Start-up costs can easily be covered by selling a couple of copies if you are lucky. You can even recruit affiliates to do all the selling on your behalf

3) Adsense

If you are in Internet marketing in any way you have no doubt heard loads of testimonials from people making good money from adsense.

Adsense is Google’s advertising program where website/blog owners earn money from Google’s list of advertisers. The place these adds on their website and make money every time someone clicks on the links.

Google Adsense uses a technology to ensure the adds are highly relevant to the website. Running Google Adsense simple and doesn‘t cost anything. You must however have a platform to put it on.  The first thing to do is create a website with tons of unique content.  The next step is to register with the adsense program.  If you are approved you will have access to a code which you can put on your website.  How much earnings you will get depends on the topic of your website and the product that is advertised. Products that are advertised with larger profit margins will most likely give you higher earnings.

You should remember that Information overload is dangerous and if you want to earn money online you need to pick a method, get started and focus.  Its so easy to go from one thing to another but this is not what the successful moneymakers are doing.  What are you waiting for, choose what you are good at and get going!

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