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Thursday May 25th 2017



How Donald Trump Became Rich

How Donald Trump Became Rich

Success stories are always pleasant to hear as they set an example to the reader or listener and inspire other individuals. There are numerous examples of such great personalities around the globe and one of the best icons is Donald Trump.

Mr. Donald John Trump popularly known as “THE DONALD” is a multimillionaire and such a great person to focus on as he has a interesting story on his path to success. This business tycoon who was born on June 14,1946 in USA is also a socialite, author and television personality.  He currently owns property worth $3.0 billion (according to forbes). donald trump rich

Though he started as a real estate developer, at present his property includes hotels, casinos, TV channels etc. The two times “Emmy award” nominee had his graduation from ‘University of pennsylvania‘ in 1968. Trump was strongly influenced by his father to start his career in real state development.  In his early business ventures he was involved at his fathers company named ‘The Trump Organization’.  It was his excellent business skills and farsightedness that helped him in gaining tremendous success throughout his business career. At the beginning he got several big budget projects like the development of ‘Javits convention Center’,'restoration of Wollman Rink project’ in central park etc.

Donald Trump has also faced lots of financial crisis in his long career which at one stage lead to bankruptcy due to increasing amounts of debt.  Trump had shown both great patience and skill in overcoming such obstacles.

He has also made appearances as a caricatured version of himself in television series and films.  In 2003, he hosted the NBC reality show ‘The Apprentice’ which later on made him one of the highest paid TV personalities because of its awesome popularity.  It was his extravagant lifestyle and outspoken behaviour that bring him at such a prestigious stage.  Finally, it can be concluded that ‘The Donald’ is a glowing example of a successful man in the history of businessmen.

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