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Sunday April 30th 2017



Can you win the World Cup with Money?

There are many things that money can buy but one of them isn’t the FIFA world cup.  Being rich comes second to tradition and location when it comes to winning the most treasured prize in world football according to a recent study.

Pricewaterhousecoopers conducted a recent study and found that richer nations do not outperform the poorer countries in international football.

Statistically speaking, Brazil are favourites to win this year’s competition and the quarter finals are the best England can hope for.  These stats contrast the nation’s relevant wealth.

world cup prizeSo, in terms of international football, having plenty of money does not equate to success.

Head of macroeconomics at PWC John Hawksworth went on to say that, “This may reflect that fact that basic footballing skills can be honed as easily in the back streets as in an expensive sports centre.”

PWC also said that while population size does have some effect on a nations World Cup performance, it is not that statically important

The study singles out Argentina, which despite having one fifth of Brazils population, has on many occasions matched their success

Countries such as Uruguay, Sweden and Croatia are examples of smaller nations who seem to achieve a decent amount of success on a consistent basis.

Home advantage is historically proven to boost a country’s chances of progressing in the tournament.  Even when the home nations did not win the tournament, statistics showed they generally do better with home advantage.

Latin American nations have won all of the World Cups that were held in the Americas, while teams such as England and France only won the World Cup when playing on home soil, meaning that we may expect an improved performance from South Africa who are very much un-fancied.

The USA is perhaps the best example of rich nations not progressing far in the world cup. The prosperous and heavily populated nation has failed to shine on the football

The world cup kicks of on the 11th June, in South Africa.  32 nations will complete with the final being held on 11 July.

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