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Sunday April 30th 2017



How to have a cheap wedding

Ok so you have met the partner of your dreams and you decide to get married.  Weddings can easily set you back $30 – 40k.  So is it possible to have a lavish wedding and still save money?  Remember the less you spend the more money you’ll have to build for your future.  It can be very hard but we are going to look at some ways to can save money without compromising on quality

The first thing you can save on is wedding stationary.  Many couples are now making their own.  This can not only save you hundreds of dollars but it can be fun.  Go to the local craft shop, buy some material and have a bottle of wine chilling for afterwards.

save money weddingWedding cakes!  Err, does anyone actually like them?  We’ll a few people obviously do.  Give me a chocolate fudge cake and some ice cream any day! Ok, so you can’t really have a fudge cake for your wedding but you can improvise.  Why not ask some friends and family to make you one instead.

Chauffeur-driven cars can set you back thousands.   Maybe you know someone who owns an old fashioned car and who would be willing to lend you it?  Put a couple of ribbons on it and you’re good to go!

If you are trying to save some money at your wedding, whatever you do don’t have a “free bar” People are more than willing to pay for their own drinks.  You can have wine on the tables if you want but anything else is unnecessary.  It’s your wedding for goodness sake.  People should be buying you drinks!

Ohh the honeymoon!  It’s quite easy to save money on this!  You don’t need to go for the deluxe honeymoon package that the travel agents will recommend.  Why not go onto expedia and book your honeymoon package yourself.  You can literally save thousands.

Another way to save money is to get married on a weekday.  Remember that weddings on a weekend are usually a lot more expensive.

Ok so you have gone through your guest list and there’s hundreds on it.  Do you really need all those people?  That annoying cousin?  That peculiar aunt that smells of weetabix?  One of the biggest costs on a wedding day can be for catering and if your guest list is in the hundreds we can be talking about some serious money.  Only invite close friends and relatives to the ceremony and dinner.  You can invite all the others to the evening party… if you really want.

This last suggestion is completely optional.  If you’re a man and reading this article you should suggest this idea to your 2potential” wife with extreme caution… Why not hire a wedding gown?  Your blushing bride is only going to wear it once, right?  This could save thousands but if you approach it in the wrong way it might even save you even more if she decides to call off the wedding.  So once again be cautious in your approach.

So there you have it.  If you follow the tips and tricks listed here you could easily have an extra 5 – 10k to spend on your future life together, while not compromising on your wedding day.

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