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Sunday April 30th 2017



Part Time Jobs – Earn Extra Money

I’m always being asked how to make a few hundred extra dollars per month.  Many of this websites readers aren’t looking to become millionaire but, instead, looking to have enough to put by for a rainy day. Some people reading this may already earn a decent sum of money per month but its always nice to earn a couple of hundred dollars extra per month.  In this article we are going to look at some ways you can easily earn some extra money.

Mystery shopper
Do you like shopping?  Do you fancy getting paid for it? Well you can. Companies need to test how competent their staff are, so as long as you don’t mind a bit of improvising you can make decent money as a mystery shopper. You need to have access to your own car. You can earn about $20 – $30 for each shop you visit and you also get your expenses paid.

Do you know the difference between a Singapore sling and a daiquiri?  You must have seen Cocktail.  That Tom Cruise movie where he made all the drinks and got plenty of women?  Chances are your bar-tending job will not be as glamorous but it could be a nice earner.  With tips included, its not unheard of to earn more than $150 on a busy night.  Many flexible shifts are available in major cities.

Online Writer
Can you fire a few words down on a page and make it interesting? Well why not write about it?  Becoming a freelance writer is easier than you may think and can be quite well paid.  One of the major benefits is you an work in your own time. If you don’t have a degree, chances are you will want to start on websites such as  You will have to start offering your services at a lower price until you build up a positive reputation.  Once you are established you can easily demand $8 – $12 per article.

Delivery person

Do you like to get up early in the mornings? Well, if you do you could spend an hour or so dropping off papers or parcels to earn a few extra dollars. And you don’t always need to get up early; free local newspapers are often delivered in the afternoon, evening or at weekends. Its not the most glamours job but its it’s stress-free and you can pocket over $100 per month while getting some exercise.

Medical trials
Do you want to be a human Guinea pig?  OK, its not that bad but some may find it daunting. Medical trials/testing can be anything from tasting food to trying new medications. Of course, the more risk in the trail, the more you will get paid. Pay is anything up to $150 a day.  In longer medical trails you can get paid over $1k for a couple of weeks testing.

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