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Sunday April 30th 2017



Jobs That Dont Require a Degree

The average hourly wage in America stands at just over the $20 dollar mark.  If you’re reading this, chances are you don’t want to be average?  You want to be above average and reach for the sky.  Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong earning $15 – $20 an hour.  If you save your money and invest it correctly, you can live a very comfortable life.

Today, I want to focus on “above average”… I want to focus on those people who want a little bit more from their jobs.  I’m not taking brain surgeons or anything like that but I’m going to focus on some jobs that really anyone can get with a little bit of effort.

Lets forget about degree’s as well!  Success comes from learning.  I know many people who have degrees, who I wouldn’t trust to mind my goldfish!  Having a qualification doesn’t necessarily mean that you are better that someone who doesn’t.  If you don’t have a college degree, but you are devoted and have a passion to develop yourself, you will be successful.

The following are examplbest paying jobses of jobs that don’t require you to have a degree but pay handsomely:

Funeral director: $79,673

Storage and distribution manager: $69,765

Gaming manager: $64,894

First-line, non-retail supervisors/manager: $59,373

Real estate broker: $58,654

Dental hygienist: $59,876

You need to keep in mind is that there are tons of jobs available that don’t require a bachelor’s degree and pay more that $50,000 a year.  You must not be put off by the fact that you don’t have a piece of paper which basically says you are able to read a textbook and write it on an exam paper.

If you have a passion, you should explore it.  Sales jobs are a good example where someones natural flare and skills are seen more positively than what qualifications they have.  You need to find whats best for you and don’t let your lack of qualifications close the door on your successful career.

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