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Sunday April 30th 2017



Some Jobs You Might Not Want

So how many of you guys reading this are happy with your job?  Chances are, not too many.  Many of us feel stressed, underpaid and undervalued so lets look at some jobs you may be thankful that you don’t have.  Despite what we hate about our jobs; most if us don’t put ourselves in physical danger on a daily basis or hold the hopes of millions in our hands.

Lets take a look at  jobs that have “pressure” written all over them.

Hostage Negotiator – This job is full of pressure and intense. When fugitives take an unsuspecting bystander hostage and then make demands for their release, hostage negotiators are then called in. An extremely cool head is needed in these emotionally charged circumstances. A successful negotiation is when all the hostages get released. An unsuccessfully negotiation is when the hostages and potentially the negotiator gets killed.

alex_fergusonA Manager of a Professional team – Many people don’t appreciate the pressure that is involved in coaching a professional sports team.  As a coach or a manager that is in the spotlight, you are are routinely insulted and second-guessed.  Many sleepless nights can be expected as you will have the hopes of millions of people resting on your decisions and tactics.

Bomb Squad Officer – Another stressful job is in the bomb squad. When suspicious packages are reported or bomb threats get called in, as a bomb squad officer, it will be your job to go to the scene and evaluate the situation. While many of the scares turn out to be completely harmless, these officers are needed to determine any potential threat and defuse explosives. Working for the bomb squad is something only the truly brave and calculated should consider as you will not only put your life at risk but also those of everyone nearby.

Repo Men – a repo man finds himself constantly dealing with unsavoury people. When others don’t know how they are going to manage to clear the huge mountain of paperwork on their desks, repo men worry about how they’re going to repossess a truck from a 260lb biker who hasn’t been keeping up with payments. As many of these people usually give their property up easily, A repo man, must possess bravery and physical strength.

Its true that in return for the pressure and stresses of these jobs, you will get paid handsomely but it takes a certain type of person to do what these guys do.  So next time you have to work 5 minutes late to answer a call at work just think what life would be like if you had one of these jobs.

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