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Sunday April 30th 2017



Quest to become a millionaire

Believe it or not, anyone in this world can become a millionaire and I know the secret….we’ll in theory anyway.

Millionaires think long-term. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the ability to draw up a plan and have the patience to see it through.

There are countless ways to be successful and become a millionaire. It takes someone to have a millionaire mindset to really achieve success. Financial Freedom can be achieved by most people who are willing to put the effort into it.

Rule number one in your quest to become a millionaire is to avoid debt at all costs. Whether its credit cards or loans, you need to make sure you avoid these “cash suckers”. The best way to avoid debt is to start analysing everything you buy.  If its not a necessity, give it a miss for now.  It will pay of in the future.

cash2010Once you have all your debts cleared, scrap the credit cards or at least scrap most of them and keep one for an emergency.  That’s the only reason for you to use credit from now on…in an emergency.  Do not stray from this!

Be wise about what you buy and how much you pay for it. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be cheap.  It’s is all about getting good value for your money.

You should never stop learning and taking in knowledge. Ask yourself everyday …”what did I learn today?”.  Knowledge is power and with power, usually comes money.

Another important thing to do is to save as much as possible. The more you save the more you’ll have to invest in any new projects.  Even if its only a small amount each month, this will soon add up.

Do your research on the Internet, read literature about wealth, personal finance and entrepreneurship.  Once you have a clear plan of action stick to it.

Most people who read this will never believe they have a chance of becoming a millionaire and because they don’t believe; they probably never will.  The next group of people who read this will be the “dreamers”.  These people dream all day about riches but they will never have the follow-through to to anything about it.  And finally, 0.001% of people who read this will actually take this on board and its those people who have a chance of making it big.  What category do you fall in to?

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