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Sunday April 30th 2017



Work from Home – Things You Should Know

Many people think that working from home is the ideal solution to all their problems. Flexible hours, no dress code, and an easy commute from your bedroom to your PC.  It sounds ideal…doesn’t it?

Working from home is not as easy as it sounds. Its easy to lose motivation and get distracted.  Many people fail at working from home because of a lack of structure.  You must have a daily routine and “breaking up your day” is necessary so that you have a clear distinction between “work” and “home.”

Loneliness is common for those people who work at home.  To overcome that inevitable loneliness, make sure you plan lots of activities when your not working.  Instead of just going to the gym in your spare time, you should consider taking a kickboxing class or joining a sports team.  You may think that you could do without speaking to a lot of people that you currently work with, but you will find that you will miss the everyday interaction.

When you wake up every morning you should do the things that you would normally do if you had to commute to your place of work-at-homework.  So that means you should get washed, dressed, have breakfast etc etc. And the same goes when it comes to the end of the day.  You should clear your  work space and change out of your work clothes.

You should learn to work in 1 hour time blocks to maximise your productivity.  Studies show that a person tends to focus best in one hour time blocks.  For each block you are working, you should be completely focused and let nothing interrupt you. After you have worked for an hour, you should take a 10 minute break.

Many parents find the lure of working from home very appealing and, at times, working at home can be ideal for busy parents.  However, working from home does not mean that you wont need child care.  Children will find it difficult to understand that you are working, even though you are still in the home.  You wont simply be able to put them in another room while you work away so you should have child care organised.

It’s also a good idea to have conversations with other work at home entrepreneurs as most of your friends will not be able to relate to your situation.  Having a network of people who are in the same situation as you can give to motivation and direction.

No matter what type of business you are wanting to run from home, you will want to appear professional at all times.  Many services are available for small business owners who want to offer the same service as an established and professional company. You should look into a mail-forwarding system that assigns home-business owners with a business address which can be used on business cards etc.

If the nature of your business means that you need to meet clients, then you need to ensure that your home is appropriate for meetings and looks professional.  If you don’t have an area like this in your home then you should consider holding meetings at the client’s office or at coffee shop or Hotel.  Its also good to work from different places such as Bookstores or coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi.

If you think you have what it takes to work from home, then there isn’t a better time than right now. Taking the first step is the most difficult, but once you get going and see the money coming in, you won’t regret taking the leap.

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