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Sunday April 30th 2017



Cashing In On Facebook

Facebook is a phenomenon!  Your brothers and sisters use it.  Your aunts and uncles use it…and even some of your Grannies and Grand-dads use it.  Facebook has over Five-hundred million surfers looking for ways to be entertained and, as a entrepreneur, it’s your duty to capitalise on it.

Created by a Harvard Sophomore student Mark Zuckerberg in January 2004, Facebook is now the number one social networking site in the world.  As a form of social media, it is now being used by television networks, large businesses, and public offices.

Facebook isnt just a place to socialize anymore.  Everyday, marketers are making crazy money as a result of Facebook. $1000’s per month is more than realistic, if you have got the correct tools.  There are many ways you can make money on Facebook.  If you would like to promote a product or services, you can use Facebook to sell products.

facebook moneyThere are tons of ways to promote products and services, however, affiliate marketing is considered as one of the best methods of making money. Affiliate programs are a great way of generating traffic to your own website.  To start making money on Facebook you should associate with others in the same niche. This will help you get traffic to your Facebook page.

To begin with, you should pick out the niche you would like to sell to, such as betting, dog training, money and debt etc etc. If you can locate a targeted group of people that are hungry for information and facts, you’re well on your way to making money with Facebook.

As your group grows bigger, spam can become a problem after a certain level. If you spend a bit of time working on your Facebook Group you will make it a success. The key to success with Facebook groups is always to create loads of them in various niches. It only takes just a few minutes to create a group, insert a photo and invite your friends (or pay someone to do so).

After getting enough followers, you can start posting articles about your niche. You should also make sure to give a lot of free information so you do not bombard your followers with constant sales pitches.  Like any other Internet marketing method; success in massively dependent on applying the concepts consistently.

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