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Sunday April 30th 2017



How to Progress in your Career

Unless you’re Paris Hilton or the heir to a wealthy entrepreneur, chances are you have to work extremely hard for the money in your pocket. Few people in this world can take their jobs for granted with the current economic situation so making the most of your job and opportunities is extremely important nowadays.  Progressing in your job and earning a higher wage isn’t easy and takes planning, hours of work, and dedication, but today we are going to look at some ways you can increase you chances of making more money and furthering your career.

1 – Whatever job you have you should always try to be the best you can. Don’t just show up at your place of work each day and go through the motions.  Whether you work in Burger King or Wall street, opportunities for progression are available and you should maximise your efforts.  Instead of just turning up, you should spend time reading and researching to get a better overall understanding of your company.  You should also attend conferences and talk to other people in your line of work who are older or more experienced.

2 – So you want to make a ton of money?  Well you might not like this next idea…You should work for little or nothing for a short period.  Yes you heard me right! If you’re looking for a career change, you could offer to work as an intern in the profession pay_rise how toyou’re interested in. You’ll get a real feel of the job and acquire a whole host of new skills.  On top of the skills you will also begin making contacts.  Remember the phrase “its not what you know…its who you know”…well if you want to get ahead, this phrase can be extremely relevant! You could also join professional organizations as high level, management positions are frequently filled by a friend…not a stranger.

3 – Never stop learning.  Keep getting those degrees and qualifications. You can increase your job prospects greatly by getting more education and certifications.  Make sure you don’t waste your time and money on just any degree.  Instead find out what interests you or go for a qualification that counts in your current employment.

4 – Are there no current openings in your company for progression?  If so why not tray and take on additional duties and responsibilities while in your current role. At this stage you must forget about extra pay.  Employers will love it when you say, “I have been doing this for 6 months now and it has been a great success”  Once you have made a success of something and you have the figures and data to back it up; that’s the time to talk about that pay rise!

Personal development is something that should never stop.  Don’t for one second think that you know everything because that is when your complacency will come back and haunt you.  Never stand still and always look to learn.  Your career is an extremely valuable asset, and by looking to improve yourself as a worker you will enhance your chances of earning more money for many years to come.

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