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Sunday April 30th 2017



How To Start A Dog Grooming Business

When we look at a gap in the market or a new business idea, there’s much research to be done.  One of those gaps in your area may well be a mobile dog grooming business.  There are plenty of potential customers who hate having to put their smelly dogs in their car and bring them to the dog grooming salon. Because most people live a fast paced life, starting a convenient, mobile dog grooming business can be hugely profitable

Where there is demand; there’s your chance to supply a service or product.  Before you start out, you will need to put together a business plan and start out with a clear vision of how you want your business to progress. Don’t think that you can just go ahead and buy some clippers and jump right in! There’s much preparation and hard work ahead if you are going to be successful.

You cannot plan a business without creating a budget. For most of us your budget will be pre-determined by the amount of money you have in your bank.  Taking this into account, before you go mobile you may want to start out running the dog grooming business from your home.  If you don’t have much money to get started you shouldn’t take out loans or put everything dog grooming businesson your credit card.  Instead you should start out small by making visits to peoples houses and start building up a loyal customer base.

Cost is a huge consideration, when starting a new business and the van can be one of the the biggest initial expenses.  As well as the van, you have to have all the tools including a dog bath, dryer, waterproof floor and cabinets.  If you do get a van you should ensure you get some constant advertising by putting your contact details on the back and sides of your vehicle.

One of the most important factors to take into account is… do you really like dogs? For this business to be successful, you really need to like animals.  If money is the driving factor behind your business, you may struggle to stay motivated, long term.  Everyone is different off-course, but you should really be a dog lover if you want to make this a success.

There are many pet grooming sites on the Internet and you should visit them in order to keep up with the latest products and news.  You should also visit other dog grooming saloons in your area.  See what type of service they are offering and if it is successful.  If you have a dog, bring your pooch to these places and see exactly what happens and study the equipment.

Once again you should try and remember that very few business’s have ever succeeded without a proper plan in place. There’s loads of free information on the Internet that can show you how to put a business plan together. Whether you start out small going from door to door or from a mobile van, you need to have grit, determination  and a love of dogs in order to succeed.  Taking all these things into consideration, I think you would be barking mad, not to consider this!

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