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Sunday April 30th 2017



How to choose a domain name

Online marketing has become a billion dollar industry. As a result competitions among online marketers have become keen and sophisticated. And one of the important factors that determine success or failure in these marketing battles is the Domain Name of a website. 

Domain name is the address of a website, if we want to locate it. It depends on its structure how it can be easily accessed by visitors, and the attention it will get from the Internet traffic.

In the world of advertising outside the Net, it is an accepted wisdom for a product to have a short and catchy name for better recall of the product by the consumers. And just in the recent years on the Net, short domain names like MSN, Yahoo, Google, EBay, Amazon and many others were supreme. Short names were a virtue and long domain names were looked down upon- but things have changed.

Now on the Internet, millions of websites compete with each other to be on top of the search engines’ (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) domain namelists. And to have a fighting chance to land on top of these lists, the website has to have the right long and appropriate domain name.

If your website is aimed to generate traffic from internet search engines’ visitors, you need a long and appropriate domain name. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN have a way of selecting websites that will occupy the top of their list. They screen and select the top websites based on the subject implied and keywords in the domain name.

An example of this is – if your website is about bargain house carpets, the better domain name is  than Those who will search the Google for bargain carpets will definitely be led to the former website, rather than to the latter website. This is caused by the “bargain carpets” portion of the domain name; the domain being bargain carpets. These are also the keywords that identify this website with the said subject domain.

Being ranked by top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn is the life and survival of a website that wants to have a share of the heavy visitor’s traffic of these top search engines.

Even for marketing outside the internet search engines traffic, a domain name with sufficient key words, about the thing it wants to promote, has a definite advantage over one, which has none. The name recall of the former is definitely higher than the latter.

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