The Internets Guide to Making Money and Suceeding
Sunday April 30th 2017



Internet marketing strategy

A product needs an Internet marketing strategy. Given that a product or service is designed for online use, targeting users of online marketing strategy must incorporate a proper internet component.

Things to consider:

1. The strength of the Internet Marketing Strategy
2. Partnerships
3. Affiliate programs
4. Letters of information and electronic journals
5. Subscription to search engines
It is not easy to arrange these pieces together in such a way as to derive the most effective strategy.

1. The strength of the Internet Marketing Strategy
Before assembling pieces of your Internet Marketing plan it would be needed firm guidance with a careful study of details. An Internet marketing strategy of this kind should contain:
- Clear goals, deadlines, resources and materials, etc..
- Definitions (sub)-project, responsibilities, turning points
- Opportunities and risk assessment, contingency plans
An Internet marketing strategy of this kind is the main ingredient of your success online confirmation.

Internet Marketing2. Partnerships
Increase the awareness of a product line is another key to successful online marketing of the product. This can be done by two different methods, either through more advertising, marketing or through partnerships. The latter can:
- Save more financial resources that can be routed where needed
- Reach your clients marketing partners
- Share the business risk of an unsuccessful launch

3. Affiliate programs
With a lower stage of the partnership principle is the creation of affiliate programs, an opportunity given to a large number of small sites anonymously, but consistent in content and focus groups.
The advantages are obvious:
- Small sites may raise their own offer online and can earn money by participating
- Affiliate programs brings a significant amount of traffic that would otherwise require huge advertising campaigns
- Provides information on surfing habitats, where they new customers come from
Other forms of cooperation are: web rings, banner and link exchange programs, etc..

4. Letters of information and electronic journals
Letters of information is spread by means of online communication in one direction, attracting online users to certain sites. Electronic journals are sent to a special form of magazines, containing a complex, not just parts but the whole story.
- Information for sellers about the latest offers(letters available) and orientations (electronic magazines)
- Build trust and loyalty between customers (electronic magazines) and increase traffic to your site (letters available)
If the content is irrelevant to the target group or send unsolicited letters of information and electronic journals can create a lot of problems, so pay attention to the principles of permission marketing. But if done carefully, letters, journals and electronic information can be a blessing!

5. Subscription to search engines
Such as telephone directories and yellow cards in the offline world, search engines act as guides in the internet world that is sometimes chaotic and unorganized. This subscription to search engines is an advantage. Problems rising at registration:
- Many search engines do not accept the entry page still “under construction”
- Many search engines only accept bulk subscriptions

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