The Internets Guide to Making Money and Suceeding
Sunday April 30th 2017



The basics of web hosting

The internet is very popular today. People have become extremely dependent on it and use it every day. The number of services offered online is huge and people use it on a regular basis. People use the internet for everything from shopping to playing games. The internet is today’s biggest source of information and you can find information about anything on the net. People use it for entertainment to play games and watch movies or listen to music. The internet is very versatile and people today just can’t seem to live without it.

However, not many people actually know how the internet works. The users just log on to the websites of their choice, use the service they needed and log off. However, the do not know how the websites got there. If you are planning to use the internet as a part of your business, you will need to learn a little more about it. The most basic aspect of the internet is webhosting.

Web hosting is exactly what it sounds like. People host space for your websites. If you create a website, that is not web hostingenough. You need to rent some space on the internet from web hosting companies. This is true whether you have a small one page website or a large one with lots of pages and services. Web hosting, simply put, is providing the facilities needed to your website to make it visible and accessible on the internet.

It is only the web hosting companies that can provide you with these services. This is because they have what are known as servers. These servers are high configuration computers that are connected directly to the internet. They also have the facilities and the technology needed to host your website online. These servers literally serve your websites to the internet. Hence, the name servers. Most of these hosting companies host thousands or an even greater number of websites. They need very fast connections and computers of the latest technology and good configurations. They have a fixed amount of internet access which is rented out. You will be renting this internet access out if you plan to have a website online.

The internet is fast gaining popularity. Many companies are now entering the world of web hosting. When you own a website you will notice that you are either paying the web hosting company directly or paying a middle man who is renting space out of a major company and then renting it out to you. However, this would not make any difference to you. You should be worried about your internet access and nothing more. The next step would be to create a web site. This web site has to be created perfectly. You can create it yourself or hire another company to do it efficiently for you.

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