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Sunday April 30th 2017



Traffic is the key to Success Online

On the Internet, business and profit are both dependent to traffic. Almost all that is written about Internet Business has the word traffic in them. Traffic is the root of all the business possibilities online. Surfers, visitors, searchers traffic are the potential customers of website products. Traffic numbers also determine the pulling power of websites, and as gauge on how effective these websites for their ads.

If your website is not getting the expected traffic of internet visitors, then it is time for you to think of some ways to be a step ahead of your Internet competitors. Timing is an important factor to be ahead of your business adversaries. Don’t think of doing things tomorrow or today. It is better if you did it yesterday, to be ahead of the pack.

As your guide, here are tips that might help you play better Internet marketing games.

  • Put an advertisement in search engines like Google’s Adwords and Yahoo’s Overture.  This move is a tested way of web trafficincreasing your website’s traffic. Some are of the impression that one can survive the Net by just patronizing free ads. This is partially a wrong notion. You can greatly increase traffic by putting up paid and highlighted ads.

  • Cooperate with other websites by mutually establishing trade links. The more links you have with other websites, the more promotions your website will benefits. And this move is not hard to do, because it is mutually beneficial for all linked websites.

  • Another unique way of promoting your website and your products is thru Viral Marketing. This is through the unconventional use of gossips, funny video or story, entertaining game of chance or a unique article that will make your website or product as talk of the town. Some say this is unfair marketing practice, but others opined that this as creative business acumen

  • Use of keywords and key phrases in your articles and website domain name will tend search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to place your website on top of their search pages.

  • Put in articles that will lead searchers and visitors to your website through its subject, keyword and key phrases. Make your website contents traceable by searchers from different directions through the use of different kinds of keywords and key phrases.

  • Build up your reputations through forums and internet communities. This will capture the imagination, attention and trust of consumers, searchers and visitors surfers- that you or your website can supply their needs. 

  • Publish newsletters that will inform all those people concerned about you, your website and your products. This will give them a reminder of you, even after they have closed their computers.

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