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Sunday April 30th 2017



What is email marketing?

Marketing through the use of email is the best method in regard to achieving a low-cost Internet marketing strategy.

It is a medium you can use to communicate with your long-term customers and potential customers as well.

This kind of marketing is very easy; it is the same as writing an e-mail in a form of a newsletter to be sent to various recipients around the globe. The role of email marketing is not plainly sending e-mails; instead, it is a comprehensive way to communicate. In order to understand this idea better, here are some useful tips you can use as a guide:

1. Enroll to the “Can Spam” program.

Email marketing is definitely different from spamming. When you enroll to the “Can Spam” program, all e-mail addresses, which are email marketingnot in your contact list will be sent to your Spam folder; thus, all malicious emails will be filtered.

2. Improve your subject line.

Everyday, email users receive hundreds of messages. That is why placing a clear subject line in your email is very important. It is to avoid confusion or lost messages in any of your folders. You can improve your subject line through the use of spare white spaces innovatively, text symbols, words beginning with a capital letter, security questions, not using fictional claims, and the word FREE.

3. Be truthful.

It will be best if you only include product descriptions that genuinely describe your products. Do not use artificial or fictional descriptions. Being true to your customers and this can start a wonderful business relationship.

4. Be practical in giving discounts and promotional offers.

Do not offer very low discounts to customers; the reason mainly, is you will not profit if you give unreasonable prices. In addition to this, you will not even get the trust of your customers because they will think that your products are not of high quality for the simple reason that you are selling them at a bargain price.

5. Be persistent in sending emails as reminders.

It is a basic knowledge that an email should be short and simple. What also goes with it is the fact that resending these reminders is equally important for emphasis. This works best for invitations on seminars, conferences and other events sent through your email. You have to allot an adequate interval before resending the invitation.

6. Send newsletters and other useful information to your subscribers.

Through this method, you can successfully communicate with your potential customers. These sets of useful information must be kept short, simple and precise in order to be an effective mode of advertisement.

Upon religiously following these simple steps, you will definitely succeed in whatever line of business you pursue.

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