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Sunday April 30th 2017



E-Mail Marketing’s Problems and Solutions

Businessmen believe that E-mail Marketing is an easy marketing scheme.  This is not completely true, because E-mail marketing has so many problems and pitfalls. Like any business venture operations, it has stumbling blocks. There are competitors that are trying to out-do you in every move you make; thus every move you make in your e-mailing operation can have a problem.

And here are some of them-

  • Many e-mail advertising materials are wrongfully tagged as spam.

  • E-mailer failure to concentrate on the targeted customer groups cause less effectiveness and waste of resources.

  • Unpreparedness of unexpected large volume of inquiries after an E-mail campaign lessens the benefits to be derived from the supposedly good e-mail campaign.

Spam problems are the biggest destroyer of a truly effective e-mail marketing campaign. Many legitimate e-mail promotional materials are construed by many recipients as spam, thus are not opened and deleted without opening. You cant blame people for deleting these email-marketingemails, because they have bad experiences with spam in the past. To minimize the chances of your E-mail being tagged as spam, try to avoid making your promotional campaign as being a hard core advertising punch. Make it somewhat benign and more profitably informative for the receiver. This is not a guarantee that your e-mail will not be tagged as spam, but this is one way to avoid it.

Another mistake of e-mailers is they send promotional materials to the wrong group of recipients, instead of the targeted groups who need your products or services. And also, some e-mailers fail to do some follow –ups or fail to furnish additional materials to prospective customers, who responded to the e-mail campaign. Follow-ups through telephone or other means are necessary, to prevent their promotional e-mail to be deleted with the mountain of unopened e-mails.

Some businessmen are not ready for the unexpected volume of response to their e-mail campaign. This will lessen the beneficial effect of a good promo. If the responses of these interested recipients are not given attention, the said customers might go to your competitors.

And finally, many e-mailers have the mistaken notion that sending promos to millions is better than sending to a few selected groups. It’s more productive to send e-mails to selected target groups, whose chances of favorable responses are much higher. It’s like concentrating your firepower to a specific target, rather than scattering your attack power. It is also important to make your message exclusively fitted for these target groups for more impact.

And also, having an auto responder system for your e-mails is a must and will also add to your efficiency.

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