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Sunday April 30th 2017



Money Saving Tips For Any Holiday Season!

Christmas is approaching fast and if you are like a lot of other people, chances are you spend WAY too much money and you regret it in the end. Sure, you see a lot of smiling faces and you hear a lot of happiness when your kids or family open their presents, but in the end the stress of spending too much money can outweigh that happiness.

One of the biggest reasons people over spend during the holiday season is simply because they do not know HOW to plan and HOW to save. But, with a few tips you should be able to save more and spend less. By the way, spending less doesn’t mean you are a Grinch or a holiday hater – it just means you are smarter than the average bear! First off, you want to create a master list. This can be for a birthday, Christmas or any other gift giving holiday.

On your list, place the MUST people – your kids, your significant other, your parents, etc. Also, note how much you want to spend for each person. In our house, all the kids get the same amount have it be $50 or $100 and we never go over that amount, which is wasting-moneyespecially important since we have to buy for about 15 kids! Big families do that to you! Next, you need to make sure that if you have a smaller family that you either do a secret Santa or pick a name out of a hat. It has the same sentiment as option 1, but this will save you even more money because you aren’t buying for 20 people, you are buying for one person. Each person picks a name out of a hat and is responsible for ONLY buying for that person.Great for families with 5 or less people.

Thirdly, start thinking frugal, and we don’t mean cheap! Honestly, I still stick by the online shopping and QVC/HSN options. Buying online gives you all kinds of specials and sales that you can’t get in stores. And stores like HSN and QVC offer amazing products for monthly payments. You also don’t need good credit to shop at these places. I’ve gotten several things at these stores for myself including a brilliant $2,000 flat screen 3D TV which I paid off in 8 months. I love it, some people don’t. I think the people that don’t are the ones that misunderstand these sites!

Last one the list has to do with the actual dinner you are having for the holiday. A lot of people OVERSPEND with the dinner (you know who you are!) and its no surprise. I mean you have a main course, you have a salad, maybe a few appetizers, drinks (beer and wine included) along with sides and dessert. Before you know it, you spent $500 on one dinner. $500! You would usually spend this in a month of food shopping! Instead, what I would suggest is to cut down on the appetizers and have people bring dessert items. Maybe you could give them ideas; pies, cakes, cookies, puddings, etc. When people come to your house and you do everything (make the food, set the table, entertain, etc) they are usually more than thankful and will be happy to bring something along, even if they buy it!

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