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Sunday April 30th 2017



What Are The Best Ways To Make Money Online From Home?

It seems that when I first wrote this originally 5 years ago, I was bombarded with ideas on how to make money from home. There are literally dozens upon dozens of ways to make money online. But, since 5 years have passed, I thought I would go ahead and refresh this “How To” and give you a few more exciting ways to make money online. These aren’t all easy, some of them do take time, but you can make legit money and we’re not talking $1 a project either.

- First off, if you want to sell physical products online, I would suggest either eBay or Amazon. Both are top rated, but people seem to like eBay a little more than Amazon. Either way, you can sell pretty much anything on these two sites. The only thing you don’t see a lot of is “digital” products. Personally, I like eBay better because they give you a ton of tools to use and you also get a lot of different listing options. On the other hand, Amazon is less for bidding and more for buying.

- Second off, if you have a digital product to sell (music, design, content, etc), you might want to start thinking about sites that offer to pay you per download. A lot of the freelance sites have a third party deal with sites that will pay you for download of a digital product. One that comes to mind right now is on You can visit their free marketplace, add your digital product, and make money when people download or buy it.

make money from home- Thirdly, if you want to do something you enjoy (writing, photography, painting, etc) you might want to become a freelancer. Down the line you can make your own company, LLC it, etc. But in the meantime you can find people everywhere that would like to buy things like photography and content and most of them are willing to pay top price, depending on how good you are. The sky is the limit with this. Make as little or as much money as you want. This is hard because you are technically your own boss, but its fun and its what YOU love to do!

- Fourth off, you might want to start thinking about contextual advertising or mini website design. Contextual advertising is great for websites and blogs and one of the best examples is Adsense. You place the ads on your site, when people come to your site you make money. With Mini Websites you get a package to help you create a website (design, content, marketing) and then you place CPC or CPM or CPA ads on it to make money. This can be very lucrative. Some people are making $100 a day every day with this tactic!

-Fifth, you might want to consider working with companies that offer activities you like to do. This sort of goes along with number three. Say you like writing. You find a company that does content, you try to get employed under their company or become a freelancer and you offer to do overflow work for them. You set your prices (and hopefully they say yes) and then you have a full time or part time job. We do this a lot at our company (Me specifically!) when we need some extra money. Usually we charge $13 per content piece. The big content companies can afford this.

Lastly, you might want to choose something like Affiliate Marketing which is a lot like selling products (physical) online. The only thing different about Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t store nor ship any of the items. Instead, you join a company like LinkShare or Commission Junction, you sign up for different brands or stores (Hallmark Cards, Samsung Phones, Best Buy Laptops), you advertise these products and then you make money per sale. You of course get less than you would if you just sold the products yourself, but for a lot of people, NOT having to ship and store products is a MAJOR benefit of Affiliate Marketing!

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