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Sunday April 30th 2017



Free Online Help For People In Debt

As economic times in the USA get worse more and more people are seeking advice on their financial problems.  The web is full of information on how to get out of debt, but beware… a lot of the information out there is designed to sell you products or sell services.

Glenn Sargent of independent Debt counseling web site Debt Helper USA, said that people should be vigilant when seeking debt help online.

Sargent said ”There are loads of unscrupulous websites out there who are not interested in finding a person the correct solution.  They want to instead offer what will make them the most money, to the detriment of the person thy are supposedly helping”

Sargent has run his Debt Help website for over a year now and receives hundreds of e-mails per month from people wanting to know the answers to their debt questions.

“I take the questions from everyday people and give the honest answers on the site.  I hope by posting them online, they will assist many people in the same situation.”

Some recent questions that have been posted are:

How the US Government can help with your credit card debt

Credit card debt is becoming an increasingly common problem for millions of Americans every year.  With the total amount of credit card debt running well into the billions of dollars, people find themselves having to look for ways to deal with this problem.  Read more

What can you do if you income drops but your debts do not?

While the US economy may not bad in as bad a state as it was a year or two, the fact remains that a lot of people are without jobs or have had their working conditions changed in their employer’s favor.

The national unemployment rate appears to be heading in the right direction, with it falling by 1% between December of last year and end of March/early April 2011. Read more

Identity Theft and how you can protect yourself

While you think that there is no possible way anyone can get access to your bank accounts and credit card PIN numbers, the fact of the matter is that you are wrong.  Latest figures indicate that almost one in four Americans suffer from some kind of identity theft, with the total cost running into the billions of dollars. Read more

If you are in debt you should ensure you do proper research when it comes to combating your debt problems.  Ignoring debt does not solve the problems.  Information is power when it comes to dealing with problems of any kind.  The more information you have, the more likely it is that you will be able to solve your debt problems.

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