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Thursday May 25th 2017



How Opt-in Pages Aid in Making Money Online

An opt in page or splash page is designed to give a potential online customer a very quick summary of a sales opportunity, or to bridge that prospect from what has already been explained to him on a webpage, towards becoming more involved in receiving the company’s information.

The respondent provides they are e-mail address and other contact info in exchange for a free bonus or free information, such as an e-course. The business can succeed in making money online, because it gets the visitors information and can then follow-up with online or off-line appeals that eventually lead to purchases.

The importance of how this helps a web-based small business in a way that traditional follow-up could not, has to do with the automation of the web.

A website can be internally set up to automatically respond to the opt-in with a series of free written messages, or automatic delivery of the free gift, while the e-mail received can be incorporated into the spreadsheet or database of the business for future manual follow-up or other marketing campaigns designed for making money online.

Opt in pages can also automatically direct to related web pages the business wants the visitor to see you, too in effect provide a tour of the company’s services to an additionally pre-sell customers. The automation and efficiency of this form of acquiring prospects is extremely useful in bonding customers to a particular business because of a stream of follow-up information that comes in after the opt in keeps the prospect sold on the knowledge and communication friendly image the company is projecting.

Most importantly, this list of informed, self identified prospects becomes the backbone of a mailing list that is key to customer retention and upsell campaigns, or other means of making money online. The series of automated follow-ups in place, the maintenance functions involved in retaining the prospects on the list are put on autopilot.

Depending on the nature of the business, having a mailing list can be a difference between making money on not making it on the Internet. Opt in pages are a key factor in generating the mailing list, so therefore become a critical component to consider adding to your online arsenal.

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