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Thursday May 25th 2017



Making Money Online with Video Marketing

Small and larger businesses alike have discovered in YouTube a vehicle for distributing video images that promote both products and an image of their company at a vastly reduced expense compared to traditional television, tradeshow, or other visual presentation.

If your business needs an online component, but you want to reach a mass audience more directly impressed by imagery than by reading, making money online with video marketing is the vehicle you should choose.

Time magazine named YouTube invention of the year in 2006, and its power as a medium should not be considered exhausted by any means (a consistently ranks in the top five or top 10 of all websites). It’s no wonder that Google purchased the site soon after, and no longer promotes its own ‘Video Google’ service actively — after all, YouTube is the leading brand.

The big factor that distinguishes the site for making money online is, it is replacing TV is the main source of video viewing for many people. There are as well competing sites such as Metacafe and other portals that also provide places for a business to upload conduct video marketing.

Once the benefits are listed, it’s easy to see how businesses can be making money online from YouTube and other video marketing friendly sites. For one thing, uploading new videos costs basically zero. The company’s cost is limited to creating and editing the video, the site host the video and absorbs all bandwidth costs (so even if it’s infinitely popular and massively viewed, you don’t have to pay for it as you would if the file was on your site’s host server). Secondly, since most videos posted to the sites are amateur efforts done by hobbyists and fans of particular interests, is very easy for business to stand out by uploading a professional quality video.

The more interesting the video, the bigger the audience it will attract, and unlike traditional TV advertising, the targeting is much more precise because the user gets to a particular upload via a site keyword search, or from related videos connected to your niche.

So following the rules from TV commercials, the more entertaining or useful your video is, the more likely it will attract more viewers. In fact, studies have indicated viewers click the play button twice as often as they click traditional image ads. All in all, the prospects of making money online from intelligent use of video marketing is very good for your bottom line.

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