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Thursday May 25th 2017



Google Panda: Low Quality Sites are an Endangered Species

If you are a website owner then you cant have not heard about the new Google Panda update.  Google Panda, is the codename given to Google’s latest algorithm change which has recently gone live.

The majority of the time, changes to how Google orders search results has little affect on every day websites, as much of Google’s work is about hiding low quality sites from the search index.

The Google Panda update is a way to try and make sure that web pages are ranked more relevant to search terms in a hope to deliver better results to the user when they are searching.

The Google Panda update hopes to improve the quality of its search results by penalizing websites that produce duplicated and low-quality content.  Google feels that these websites result in a bad user experience. Content farms in particular will be hit the hardest as they generally provide low quality content.

One of the main ways to survive the Google Panda update and boost your SEO is to make sure your content online is unique and informative. This is because sites with unoriginal content are much more likely to have their search engine results negatively affected by Google Panda.

Also, if you have low quality or spun content on your site, such as is found on many of the content farms, then this will have an impact and you will most likely move down the rankings.

Google’s algorithm has previously proven capable of identifying spam but Panda’s mission is to identify shallow-content, low quality sites. The Panda update should also help Google identify high quality sites and reward them in the SERPs accordingly.

Sites such as those belonging to the well established brands and ones which promoted high value user experiences would win over the heavily optimized affiliate site that allowed for no quality user engagement.

Lastly, the advertising on your site can also play a part. If you have too much advertising, then Google feels that this affects the quality as well as the look of your site.  As a result of the Google Panda update, it is likely to be that your site will slide down the search engine rankings. However, some advertising can be useful for your SEO, as long as there isn’t too much.

The most important thing to keep your site ranking high is to build a high-quality website with informative content.  If you do this, you should weather the Google Panda storm just fine.

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