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Sunday April 30th 2017



How to Use Social Media to Achieve Career Success and Monetize Your Skills

More and more people come to realize that social media have a huge influence on our professional life. For example, they became a truth drug of sorts for Americans who are getting more honest with their employers as they understand that there is no place where they can hide from their superiors.

But most importantly, social media are an important tool of free advertising that allow you to get in touch with hiring managers instead of locating job opportunities through employment agencies. Your profile on a social network or blog can present your identity better than anything else and is just within your reach.

Here are a few steps that you should take if you want to advertise yourself using social media:

Social media marketing

Take a view of your life

Take a view of your life and assess your today’s standing. This also includes the assessment of resources that you have at hand and your capabilities. For instance, if you have a family to support and a job that takes almost all your time, you will hardly me able to invest much time in social media self-marketing.

Define your strengths and personal brand statement

Since every social media profile needs some written information about its owner, you have to define your strengths and understand what people think of you today and how they would like to see you in the future. Based on this information, you can fill out the fields about your personal interests and work objectives in your profile.

Select the right social media site

The next stage involves choosing the right tool of marketing. The most obvious ones are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn since they have a lot of users. You can also opt for a network that relates to you professional field, like Medical Mingle (medicine) or Active Rain (real estate). Another option that you can choose is to create your own blog using, Blogger, TypePad or your own site.

Generate content

Now that you have opted for a social media marketing tool, it is time to generate unique content including video and audio material and written information. Your posts should be passionate and interesting to expand your network and attract readers.

Market you page and guard your reputation

The final step of your self-advertising campaign is marketing your brand and guarding your reputation. Many bloggers do not trouble themselves at all with marketing, thinking that just content is enough. It is also useful to keep your finger on the pulse by monitoring your reputation through search engines.

Hopefully, this investment will pay off in no time and get you a good job. However, do not rush things and abandon your blog as soon as you find a job because it might prove useful in the future.

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