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Sunday April 30th 2017



15 Signs Promising You Wealth

Everyone wants to become rich, but only a few really do. Here are fifteen signs that increase that indicate a particularly high probability that you will become rich.

1. A study by Daniel S. Hamermesh and Jeff E. Biddle found that good-looking people earn more than unattractive – by 9 percent for men and 4 percent- for women. So if you are a good-looking chap (or girl), your chances of becoming rich are statistically much higher.

2. As one would expect, higher IQ contributes to higher wages – people with IQ above average much more likely to get more money (by 1.2 times) than those with IQ below average .

3. Popularity is a major advantage. Economists claim that persons who enjoyed popularity in high school get 10 percent more than those who were unpopular in high school.

4. The choice of the university matters. A study revealed that graduates of Princeton and Dartmouth get around $123,000 a year, while Coker College grads settle for just $40,300 on the average.

5. Taller people are paid more – tall women earn about 5 percent more than their colleagues of average height. The same is true for men – they are paid 4 to 10 percent more for every additional three inches in height.


6. Apparently, marriage contributes to wealth – the income of divorcees drops by 77 percent while the earnings of married people increases by 16 percent with each year that they spend in marriage.

7. As strange as it might sound, men who do not abstain from drinking and go to bars at least once a month earn 10 to 14 percent more than those who prefer to abstain from drinking.

8. Being slender pays off. A one-unit increase in body mass index typically causes an 8 percent drop in wealth, with women suffering a reduction of up to 12 percent.

9. Surprisingly enough, the Russian ancestry group has a higher percentage of millionaires than others. About a quarter of U.S. households with a head of Russian ancestry earn $1 million or more yearly, and they amount for 6.4 percent of all American households with a net income totaling $1 million or more.

10. If you want to become wealthy, you may want to quit smoking. Nonsmokers earn 50 percent more than moderate smokers and have even greater wage advantage over heavy smokers. The reason is simple – time is money, and smokers spend too much time on smoking.

So, if you are a tall slender good-looking married Princeton graduate who drinks from time to time and does not smoke, has Russian ancestry and IQ above average and has been popular in high school, chances are that you will get very rich.

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