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Sunday April 30th 2017



Chinese Girls Learning How to Marry Rich Men at School in Beijing

A Beijing school is teaching girls to hunt for billionaires (or at least millionaires). The Moral Education Center for Women offers a 30-hour course including lessons on putting on make up, monitoring facial expressions to detect lying, developing the skills of cultivated conversation, performing the tea ceremony and making the most of one’s appearance for $3,000.

According to reports, some wealthy men have already found wives among the course attendees for a modest fee of 30,000 yuan ($4,600). The matchmaking resulted into thirty arranged marriages.

China’s rich men are increasingly becoming wealthier, according to different money lists. The co-founder and CEO of the most popular Chinese search engine Baidu, Robin Li, is the first of China’s 115 billionaires to make the world’s top 100. China’s richest man ranked at No. 95. Moreover, the number of Chinese billionaires rocketed by 340% in just two years.

Course founder Shao Tong says that the school helps women to make the most of their qualities by giving them a purpose. The idea to advertise the course as a helpful tool for finding a rich husband came to her when she thought that many girls would ignore the lessons that would promise to develop their potential as they probably would think that they were qualified enough.

This is why Shao Tong decided to be smart and used the line ‘Do you want to find a rich husband?’ as a promotional gimmick.

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