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Sunday April 30th 2017



How to Get Rich Blogging

For many bloggers out there, just expressing their creative side on their blogs is enough. But what should those who want to get a little something out of their hobby do? Here are a few tips how to get revenue just by keeping a successful blog.

Insert Content Based Ads into Your Blog Posts

Perhaps, the easiest way to start earning money on your blog is to sign up for the Google’s AdSense program. Create your free Google AdSense account and choose where to insert small context-sensitive text advertisements into your blog posts.

Once you have created your account, the advertising service will analyze the content of your blog and offer image or text ads that correspond to the subject matter of your blog.

The advertisments are charged either by cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per clicks (CPC).  The first method is more traditional as you are paid according to your traffic while the second one depends on the number of clicks on the advertisment.

Sell Banner Space on Your Site

If you are a really successful blogger and your blog generates much traffic, you can try selling ad space directly to advertising companies, charging much more than Google AdSense pays you. However, it makes sense only if your blog gets millions or tens of thousands of unique visitors and page views each month.

Offer Exclusive Privileges for Members

There is another way to generate revenue for people who offer unique content and have many followers – to charge people who want to get access to some exclusive portions of your content a monthly or yearly membership fee.

The problem with this strategy is that with so many things available on the Internet for free, people do not pay for information readily. However, if you are a reputable expert and your content is valuable, you will most probably manage to sell it.

Use ChipIn Widget to Promote Donations

If you would like the visitors of your blog to make voluntary donations, a good way to do it is to use the ChipIn! Widget. Create a free ChipIn! account and set up a customized donation tool that says how much money you want to raise and for what cause. Your earnings with this strategy depend on how convincing your donation-soliciting message is.

Use Your Blog to Promote Your Online Store

There is another way to monetize your blog – use it to promote your own company. Just insert a link to your online store into the blog and post articles related to the store, building a relationship with potential customers.


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