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Sunday April 30th 2017



How to Get Rich with Twitter

Everybody knows about making money via blogs or Facebook, but Twitter is an unexplored area for some. Twitter is a popular networking tool with 200 million account holders as of 2011, and over 15,000 Twitter applications. With such an incredible amount of users, Twitter represents an effective marketing arena, and some of Twitter applications allow for monetizing your Twitter popularity.

Here are a few secrets that can help you to earn money with Twitter provided that you have already gained popularity.

Receive Money for Tweets

Sure, you probably started tweeting for your own pleasure but wouldn’t it be nice to monetize your popularity? And there are some services that can help you do just that – TwittAd, Adjix and Magpie. These networks place advertisements in your Twitter feed as often as you prefer (say, one ad tweet in twenty tweets). And, based on the reaction of your followers to the ad tweet, you will get your easily-earned money.

make money with twitter

Advertise Your Personal Website

You can use Twitter to advertise your own business or e-commerce site. Be careful to not to post sales pitches every time and mix them with your personal thoughts, news or commentaries. If your followers like your Twitter personality and trust you, they might purchase your product in the end.

Keep Hard-Sells at Bay

Sure, there is time for hard-sells but, eventually, the in-your-face approach will backfire as your followers will be fed up with advertising. Don’t be so blatant about your goal of making money – engage with your followers, build a community and a brand presence.

Focus on Quality over Quantity

It is not all about the quantity of followers – quality is more important than quantity. Even if you have a small number of followers, your conversion rate can still be as high as the quality of visitors you receive. The higher the quality of your followers, the more you will gain.

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