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Sunday April 30th 2017



How You Can Save Money Just Being Lazy

Though most often than not laziness is counterproductive and hurtful to you and other people, it can actually save you some money while you are enjoying doing nothing. So if you don’t feel like finding an extra source of income, you can just can relax and save money in the meantime.

Wait until Group Buying Option is Available

Instead of running to a hair salon as soon as your hair needs a cut without a moment’s delay, wait for a group deal to become available on such group buying sites as Spreets. You won’t even have to visit the site every day as you will be sent deals by e-mail. If you wait a little and don’t hurry, you will be able to save about 50% on an item or service.

being lazy can save you money

Last-Minute Offers

Last-minute travel bargains are an excellent way to save money. So if you are too lazy to look for the best offer and organize your trip or go to a travel agency, you can just wait for a last-minute deal to show up. Trying to fill empty spaces, vacation companies, cruise lines, airlines and online booking agencies such as the Big Three – Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia – offer substantial discounts. Of course, it will hardly help if you are too lazy to travel.

Stay in Rather than Go out

If you prefer staying in because you are too lazy to go out, it is not such a bad thing for your wallet. Snuggling up with a book or a movie on your favorite chair will cost you nothing while a night out can hit your pocket.  Just compare the cost of going to the movies or renting a movie.

Even if you feel lazy to the core and don’t want cook dinner , eating in will still be cheaper than eating out as won’t be tempted by drinks, desserts and appetizers.

Take Fewer Car Trips

Obviously, if you go out less often, you will drive less. And the resulting benefit is not only saving money on petrol. When you are being lazy, you usually consider going somewhere especially thoroughly and it might help you to decide whether the thing in question is worth driving for and spending your money on.

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