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Thursday May 25th 2017



British Couple Going to Use £101 Million Lottery Jackpot to Make Family and Friends Millionaires

Sometimes, you need to work hard to earn big. And, at other times, you just have to win a lottery or be a friend or relative of somebody who has won a lottery.

A British couple who received a £101 million jackpot in the EuroMillions lottery said that they would use newly won fortune to marry and turn about twenty relatives and friends into millionaires. Premier Foods shift chief Dave Dawes and his long-time partner, charity shop volunteer Angela Dawes, were the only ones to pick the right number and land winnings worth £101 million ($157 million).

dawes lottery winners

The couple based in Wisbech, England has made plans about spending their winnings. First of all, Dave and Angela are going to marry as they did not have money to do that for a few years. Then, the lucky lottery winners are going to move to a bigger apartment close to the stadium of Dave‘s favorite side, Chelsea, and get a season ticket.

Dave Dawes and Angela Dawes who changed her name to match the last name of her partner do not want to be rich alone. They decided to share their wealth with up to twenty people, including their children from previous relationships and friends. The beneficiaries were extremely happy at the news that they would become millionaires too, shedding tears of joy.

The couple will not forget about charity as well – the winners are going to give a large portion of their jackpot to several children’s funds.

But for now, Dave and Angela are going to enjoy their winnings. They have already resigned from their jobs and will take a vacation to celebrate their lottery jackpot.

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