The Internets Guide to Making Money and Suceeding
Thursday May 25th 2017



Unusual Ways to Become Rich Online

If you can’t picture yourself earning money in an ordinary way, it is probably time to broaden your horizons can consider some money-making methods that you would never have thought of before. Here are four unusual  ways to make money that might become your constant source of income.

Play Online Games

You are probably aware playing online games can bring some money, but don’t know how real it is. There are some real-life millionaires who made their fortune in the virtual world. Ailin Graef built a business in the online game Second Life using he online personality Anshe Chung and reached an annual income of $150,000 by exchanging the in-game currency for real dollars. There a number of games where you can earn real money by playing virtually – RuneScape, SecondLife, Unltime Onlive, Everquest and many others.


Write E-Books

If you have a knack for writing, this method may be just what you have been looking for. The secret is not just to try to sell as many copies of your e-book as possible. Make a part of your e-book available on a website, add pay-per-click ads, and e-mail a chapter a week to your subscribers for free. However, if they don’t want to wait and want to read your book immediately, it will cost them extra. This way, you will be able to earn money on ads and boost the sales of your book.

Create Your Own Blog

Though it might seem highly unlikely, blogging can really turn quite profitable. Take Steve Pavlina, the man behind the blog Coming from a troubled family and having a police record, Steve Pavlina managed to create a self-development blog that brought him $1000 daily by 2006 and got about 11 million page views in August 2011. You can try it as well. Just write about a topic that interests you, be sincere and interesting. Also, if you want your blog to be treated seriously, get your own site instead of using services like


Become Domain Name Investor

It might seem like you are selling air, but the domain name business can bring you a lot of money. You can buy domain names for cheap from inactive sites with attractive names and then resell them later. Great domain names can be auctioned off for up to a few hundred thousand dollars at such sites as or The secret here is to keep domain names simple – the shorter the name is, the better. You can also create a domain name that resembles the name of a site with a high traffic and make money on ads that people click on when they mistype the original address.


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