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Sunday April 30th 2017



Three Ways You Can Sell Your Photos

It has probably crossed your mind once or twice that someone is making a lot of money on photography, but that someone isn’t you. Luckily, today not only professional photographers can sell their photos and pay attention rather to the quality of images than o the name of the photographer. Plus, anyone can buy professional equipment for a few hundred bucks and make at least one picture shot that makes them proud.

Here are a few ways how you can make money on your photos, no matter whether you are a beginner, enthusiast or professional.

Sell Stock Photography

Stock photography is a serious source of income for many photographers out there. The buyer pays for the right to use your image for a specific purpose, and this fee is shared between the photographer and the stock agency.

Some photographers even consider their stock portfolio their pension fund – it will continue bringing them money even after they leave photography.

The best way to make your way into stock photography is to concentrate on shooting. Examine the stock agencies, try to understand market preferences and start creating your own portfolio. Begin from submitting your photos to microstock agencies like, then go to specialized stock companies and only after that approach major stock companies, like Getty Images or Corbis.

getty images
Enter Competitions

This is a more difficult method but, if you manage to win a competition, you will get both money and an award. With more and more competitions popping up, the chances of you winning one are dramatically increasing.

Of course, this method cannot be a regular way of earning money on photography, but it is definitely a gratifying one.

Getting started is easy – pick a small competition, read the rules carefully and note them and enter! Enter competition on a regular basis and prepare yourself for the biggest photography competitions – the Pilsner Arquell International Photography Awards, the Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest or the Sony Photography Awards.


Turn Your Photos into Wallpapers

According to some estimates, there are over a billion computers in use over the world so there is a huge potential demand for desktop images.

To take the first steps, study wallpaper websites to find out what images enjoy most popularity. Once you’ve understood what pictures are the most popular, create your own website.

Since most wallpaper images are free and the competition is tough, you will have to create something unique so that people would want to pay for your photos.

But if your find your niche, your sales will soon pick up.

wallpaper images

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