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Thursday May 25th 2017



Make Money by Providing Links to Amazon

If you are a website owner, you probably provide dozens of links to other websites. However, there is one website that you should definitely add to the list of your links – Amazon.

How it Works

Earning money on Amazon using the Associate program is pretty easy. After applying for an associate account, you will receive an associate tag (a string of characters). To earn on linking to Amazon, you will have to add this tag to every Amazon link. If you’ve done everything correctly, any sales made during 24 hours after clicking your link will be associated with you. You will get a referral fee even if the purchase was not made and the item was just added to shopping cart.


You can provide links to Amazon and make money on it by using their Associates Program in a few ways:


As more and more people become bloggers, journals and weblogs become a powerful advertising tool. You can embed links in your reviews and earn a little something on referral fees.

Using Niche Websites

If you have a niche website, you can effectively redirect your visitors to Amazon. Though Amazon has an effective category search and numerous categories, some people prefer to find the best product in a given area on other niche websites.

Amazon Banner Ads

If your website does not attract enough traffic to earn money on large banner ads, you can generate Amazon banner ads by using various Amazon Banner Ads tools. Many small businesses have been known to get more in commission earnings after switching to Amazon banner ads.

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